Missoni Wallcovering04

The collection "MissoniHome Wallcoverings04" in a proposal that harmonizes shades, geometries and nature, in a kaleidoscope of iconic designs and patterns from the Missoni maison. Colors, textures and almost three-dimensional relief effects are the protagonists of the collection in which designs such as Flamed Zig Zag and Happy Zig Zag come to life thanks to micro-lines and graphic signs that create abstract geometries. Optical patterns prevail, even in the botanical patterns and large-format elements of Constellation, such as micro zig zags and chevron, which animate the walls giving materiality and light effects.


Happy Zig Zag, enhanced by the material surface worked through hot embossing, offers the unmistakable design of the maxi chevron in a palette of delicate green-lilac-ocher tones, with a lively or almost whispered accent, or in the elegant blue ton sur ton versions, gray, ocher and white.


Micro lines and shades are the basis of the composition of Sunrise Flame. The optical effect of the pattern, constructed from a set of imaginative two-tone lozenges, is accentuated by the juxtaposition of dusty red, blue and yellow tones which, intersecting each other, give life to further shades such as violet and olive green. Also available in versions with shades of warm gray on a beige base and cold gray on a blue base.

Chevronette, plain colors, in light textures in coherence or contrast with the other proposals in the collections.

The signs of the zodiac fill the walls with the Constellation design. On midnight blue or moon white backgrounds, on which you can glimpse the iconic flamed Missoni motif colored in tone on tone, the astral symbols stand out interpreted as precious embossed embroidery: an eclectic parade of refined textures, with contrasts of zigzag micro patterns multicolored or black and white, it constructs the image of a zodiac as imaginative as it is present.

Canneté, plain colors, in light textures in coherence or contrast with the other proposals in the collections.

Flamed Zig Zag, the classic graphic sign of the MissoniHome universe becomes macro and is proposed in alternating repetition of the same motif in different sizes. The pattern maintains the flamed design to which it combines an imperceptible movement of streaks through play of textures accentuated by the contrast of the blue, brown or gray pattern with the light background.

The Macro Chevron motif, on the other hand, is created by contrasting two-tone colors in mustard, gray and ivory shades.