Awning Catalog
Make your outdoor space shine with the Bandalux hallmark. A careful and durable design that is ideal for your outdoor space.

Protect yourself from the sun and rain with the Bandalux awning collection.

  • Customized awnings that fit into your space.
  • Wide range of fabrics.
  • High-quality materials and systems.
  • Motorizable systems
  • It adapts to balconies, windows, terraces, patios, etc.
  • Different opening settings to choose from, for maximum comfort.
  • Highly resistant and long-wearing systems.
  • More convenient operating system.
  • Terraces
    • Awnings with the Classic arm, Monoblock and Box (which protects the fabric) are ideal for terraces.
  • Verandas
    • They are built into horizontal, vertical or sloped structures.
  • Balconies
    • Straight point awnings for balconies and windows, with an adjustable tilt angle, for sun protection